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How to care for your hair in winter!

Our hair needs care just as everything else and especially in the winter. It needs a little bit more of our attention as we face the dry cold weather for few months.

Winter cold weather can be really hard on our hair. Weather you have natural, straight, curly, permed or relaxed, kinky coiled hair; in short all type of hair is sensitive to cold weather, and it’s prone to be brittle, to break with split ends, when we don't give the proper care it needs. The hair tends to shed more and more each day and strip out of its natural shine and causes the color to fade.

There are simple steps we can take every day to avoid winter cold weather bad hair days.

First thing first

Even though its winter, we still need to drink lots of water and more so take our vitamins because when we take care of the inside, it always shows on the outside.

Also it's beneficial to use a humidifier in the room to fight the dryness that comes with the heating. We need all the moisture we can get for our hair.

Wash your hair less than usual

Winter is a ideal time to let your hair take a break and go longer than usual washes.

In the meantime you can have hairstyles like hair extensions or use hats to be able to go over the washing limits. And when the warm weather comes back you will definitely see the difference.

Even before you wash your hair, try pre-condition to give your dry hair and scalp a thorough massage with coconut oil. Let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour, then shampoo as usual. Your hair will surely retain some of the oil.

In addition to all that, doing a moisturizing hair mask time to time is very helpful.

Also after washing your hair make sure you dry your hair thoroughly and don't go outside with wet hair because the cold air makes damp hair more prone to breakage. So take time to dry your hair completely before running out the door.

Use less heat on your hair

Most definitely, using heat on your hair during winter is something to avoid. Do less blow-dry or flat iron. Instead doing rollers and going under the dryer is better option.

Protect your hair with oils

Natural oils, oil based moisturizer lotions are your friends in the winter. Adding some heavy moisturizing oils to your conditioner, such as castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil, in order to get that extra boost is a great help to your hair care.

You can also add a few drops of oil on your edges, scalp and ends each day to keep them from drying or splitting.

Each day, rub a small amount of hair oil or moisturizer throughout your hair to keep it smooth and to reduce frizziness.

Bottom line is we need to treat our hair better and protect it from the cold weather by all means possible.

One last thing

Cover your hair with a satin bonnet before going to bed.

Thanks and happy reading!

Next we will be talking about how to care for hair extensions.

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